Writing Submissions

*Please read the ‘about’ page to get more information on the type of articles being published in Immersion


  • 4 to 8 pages, single spaced
  • 12 pt. font, Times New Roman
  • organize into two (2) columns of text per page
  • include any original photos/images (give credit to/direct email of artist)
  • type in a Word Doc (Microsoft or equivalent; NO GOOGLE DOCS)
  • SUBMIT TO: NO LATER THAN the 5th of the full- issue month issues released on the 15th of the month:

FASHION ISSUES: July (Fall), October (Winter), January (Spring) and April (Summer)

ENTERTAINMENT ISSUES (Film & Music): February, March, May, June, August, September, November and December


  • minimum of 350 words, no more than 750 (approx.)
  • 12 pt. font, Times New Roman
  • include any original photos/images (give credit to/direct email of artist)
  • type in a Word Doc (Microsoft or equivalent; NO GOOGLE DOCS)
  • SUBMIT TO: NO LATER THAN 12p.m. Monday (blogs are continuously published on a weekly basis- by Thursdays, unless you have a ‘breaking’ piece; your piece may be posted beforehand)
  • Refer to issue releases above to determine timeline of industry and season

** Submissions WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED if the above guidelines are not met**


All fashion designers may submit sketches of new designs in progress, or photos of completed garments that HAVE NOT been showcased in any public medium. Designs are based on seasonal appropriateness and originality. Fashion issues are published on the 15th of October and April. Your COMPLETED works must be photoshoot ready, 3 weeks prior to publication release – no exceptions. Designers may submit to as many issues as desired. However, no more than 6 designs per issue submission are allowed. In addition (if selected), your designs will be advertised, photographed and in the running for Immersion Fashion Shows; as well as all future marketing and sales opportunities provided exclusively by Immersion Magazine.


As a musician or group, you or your manager may contact us for opportunities in performance advertisement, article representation or event sponsorship. We strive to provide the best coverage and support to all of our artists alike. If you are sponsored by or choose to advertise with Immersion Magazine, you will receive high quality services and dedication throughout the initial process and entire journey. There are different packages and opportunities to fit your needs as an artist and we are here to help you succeed in every way we can. Entertainment Issues are published on the 15th of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep and Nov. In any case, we want to hear from you! We keep an eye out for real talent and passion and do everything we possibly can to collaborate – you may submit to unlimited issues.

Submit all work to: and you will be contacted for further instructions. Thank you!