Immersion Magazine is the newest outlet for independent fashion and entertainment, providing opportunities for emerging artists to showcase what they are all about! Founded in 2015, Immersion Magazine has connected artists and audiences from around the world. With multiple opportunities for writers, fashion designers and musicians, Immersion offers a platform to network at showcase events and parties, as well as take on independent ventures with professional support and sponsorship. All while having the support to grow their art form at a highly professional and global scale. We truly are humbled to have the support from artists and readers alike.


Currently working with independent fashion designers from Minneapolis, MN, Immersion is keeping on top of new fashion trends and the needs of creative minds. With the recently showcased designers’ work and model performances combined, these looks captivated spectators from every walk of life – the modern day Rockabilly set with a sexy blend of formal and punk. Moving forward, Immersion will be expanding to European, South American and Asian markets, honing in on the talent and inspiration of new cultures and high fashion trends by the most creative designers to date. The best part about our design teams? They are exclusive to Immersion Magazine when in season, and continue their craft on their own time when desired.


During the few years in publication, Immersion has been fortunate enough to work with emerging bands from the U.S. and Europe – to name a few: Stolen Apple (Italy), Vital Vice (Minnesota), SEED (Minnesota). In addition to, all musicians have the opportunity to market their albums, tours, shows or events while holding a spot in an issue of Immersion. We truly reach out to those individuals and groups looking for their first break into a high exposure environment and network. With the nature of Immersion Magazine and the team onboard, each artist is treated with individual attention and given opportunities only imagined. With the various genres of music played all over the world, Immersion is always supportive and eager to incorporate any new styles and ways to make your work unique.